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A 2 days a week fasting Diet – and how I get on with it….

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Review of 2015

Here we are at the end of 2015 and yes, I’m still keeping up the diet – in fact on a fast day today. It’s just as well as the Christmas festivities have lead to a 3lb increase in weight (approx). I’ve at or below 11st for most of the year although I did spend a few weeks a couple of pounds or more below 11st earlier in the year.

My health is fine, I’ve run around 8 half-marathons and a full marathon this year as well as sailing a dinghy. Mind you I am taking statins now as the changes to the level at which the doctors here recommend it here in relation to age meant that it was what the doctor wanted me to do – despite having relatively low cholesterol. The doctor admitted I was doing everything right with my exercise and diet, but the fact that my cholesterol levels would grow in spite of this meant that taking a statin was inevitable. So I gave it a months trial to see if there were any side-effects, none showed up, so I am now taking a statin daily. Won’t find out the effect until May when I have my annual check up.

I’ll try and add my weight chart to this also, but I haven’t had time to sort it out yet.

So I’m happy to stay on the diet and in spite of the statins – it works.

Here is the weight chart for 2015 (note the Christmas rise at the end!):

Weight Chart 2015 (in kg)

Weight Chart 2015 (in kg)


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Spring 2015 – Still Going

March 2015 and I’m still on the regime. My weight has oscillated a bit – sometimes under and sometimes over 11 stone by a couple of pounds.

I’m still running and having two gym sessions a week which all helps of course.

As I mentioned previously, I do feel the cold on fast days much more than on others – as I write this on a fast day I’m wearing a pullover even though the central heating is on. Mind you it is a pretty miserable day with rain and wind so even though the indicated temperature  is 9 deg C it feels much lower.

My diet is much the same, plenty of stir fries with fish or chicken, though today some turkey left from out Christmas bird is defrosting ready for a stir-fry this evening..

That’s all for now folks!

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Summary for 2014

Well I’m still on the diet, though did let it go over the Christmas period – 2 days completely off and another two with only partly dieting (e.g. New Year’s Eve where I broke the fast at midnight of course!).

Still feel ok, though coldish on diet days (as I am now, just put an extra layer on). My fitness has kept up through the year and with more opportunity to enter races now, I had a good Autumn campaign with 4 half-marathon runs under 1:50 and a marathon at 4h 1m 16s (and if you are a runner you will understand how annoying that time is!)

So here is my weight chart for the year:

My 2014 weight chart

My 2014 weight chart

I can’t explain the drop in weight during July – August – there was no change in diet, possibly more activity like running etc. is the most likely. Anyway as you can see my weight stayed down until Christmas (that the last point) and now I’m back to the routine it should come back down again.  The couple of very low points are a malfunction in the sales I think as all the other readings (fat, water & bone ratios) were all out of line as well.

I see no reason not to keep on in the same way. The benefits are clear, and I get the chance to eat meals I wouldn’t otherwise have and for the most part they are enjoyable.

So dear reader – if you are on the diet keep on, if you are just starting – keep with it – and to all –

Have a Good New Year


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October Update

So here we are in October 2014, and things are going well – I’m on a diet day today (Wed) just past lunchtime, feeling hungry and looking forward to my evening meal – which will be based on a recipe from the BBC ‘201 one-pot favourites’ book I’ve used before – it’s called ‘Smoked Haddock Stovies’, and in the book just involves haddock, onion and potato (rated as 307 cals per portion), but as we have some courgette, carrot and tomato that needs eating I’ll be adding that as well. I’ll follow with a large orange and maybe a bit of low fat yoghurt, so should be well under 600.

Meanwhile, the weight has stayed below 11st (=70kg) and has even come down a bit – see chart below:

October 2014 weight chart

Oct 2012 to Oct 2014 weight chart


No idea why my weight started coming down again as I haven’t changed anything except maybe running a bit more. Still it has worked to my advantage, within the last month have run my fastest marathon for about 5 yrs (4h 1min) and my fastest half-marathon since 2007 (1h 45m) so I’m happy about the way things are, though I don’t want to lose much more weight I think.

One thing I have discovered, which helps, is to drink much more on fast days, and I now drink water flavoured with the ‘concentrated’ fruit flavour e.g. Robinsons ‘squashed’ – in fact I’m drinking some now with hot water (seems better esp. as i always feel cold on fast days) – each squeeze of concentrate is only a few calories. I’m still having the odd ‘Tic-Tacs’ as well (only 2 cals per).

Anyway, it’s all working – more when there’s more to say…

Nearly forgot – I did miss one diet day a couple of weeks ago when we had visitors I was taking on tourist trips – and we had a day in York where I did have coffee & cake etc! It’s the only day I’ve skipped for a long time though.


Weight Update

Now I’m past the second anniversary of starting the diet it’s worth giving an update. I’m still dieting on Mondays and Wednesdays. Indeed today was a diet day and I had a tin of sardines with a salad of lettuce, tomatoes (home grown), radish, celery, sweet pepper and cucumber with a ‘light’ dressing plus some Branston pickle. Followed up with a navel orange.

So my most recent weigh-in (Tuesday morning after a 6m run) showed me at 10st 10lbs – and I’ve been below 11st now for around a month. This may partly because my running schedule has been pretty heavy in preparation for a marathon (full) coming up.

I’m still going to the gym two mornings a week if possible, though sometimes only once, as with this week, as a result of other demands.

I’m still feeling good, indeed my training times are now as good as they have been for many years so it all seems to be working.

So anyone out there thinking about it or just on the diet and wondering – it works! Once you are used to it it just becomes a perfectly normal part of life….

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Cholesterol News

Got my latest blood test results at the doctors today and it looks good – even my doctor said so!

Total level is 6, but the triglyceride level is v low around 1, and the ratio of ‘good to bad’ cholesterol greater than 3, which is better than it has ever been for me – so it’s looks as though the diet is working as it should. Blood pressure was good as well.

My weight is still oscillating around 11st usually plus or minus 2lbs, so seems ok. I’m still going to the gym 2 mornings as well as running around 20 miles a week (divided into a 6 and a 14 mile) – a half-marathon coming up in July and a full in October at least, so it won’t be long before the running distances will need to go up!

Meanwhile, I’m mainly eating salads, with either fish or chicken – it’s a good time of the year (if you like salad) as the weather generally suits salads….

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100th Post

Yes it’s reached the 100 posts mark and I’m going to change my blogging routine after this. Instead of posting every week I’ll just be posting every so often when I think there is something useful to say.

Week 18th – 24th May 2014


My wife had bought some sea bass fillets at the weekend so that formed the basis of the main meal, with some ginger and vegetables (carrot, cauliflower, courgette) steamed in foil, It was accompanied by a salad salsa containing cucumber, tomato, pepper and lettuce.

Not bad, but I preferred fish like haddock with firmer flesh.


To follow up an apple, just for a change.

Calories – as with several previous days, rather difficult to estimate so lets say 500 cals


I found a really old tin of salmon in the store cupboard and I mean really old, over 10 years if the printing was to be believed – once opened it seemed ok, texture rather woolly and it had lost most of the salmon colour. However, it tasted ok, but rather bland. Anyway, to accompany, I had salad based on home grown salad leaves, and shop bought tomato, cucumber, red pepper with some dressing and pickles.

To follow – back to the usual orange

Calories – again, just a guess but probably around 450 cals


A half-marathon on the Sunday (1h 55m) didn’t lead to a noticeable weight loss, still 11st 1lb, but down to 11st almost exactly on the Thursday.


As I said earlier I won’t update the blog on a weekly basis from now on, particularly as the cooking hasn’t been too interesting recently and my lifestyle is pretty set now with a routine and little or no worries or deviations. All I can say is that I can recommend the routine to anyone who wants to retained a steady weight and be able to eat well on their non-fast days.

My next report may well be when I get the next set of blood test results, sometime in the next month I would guess. Until then to all you other 5:2 dieters – keep it going it really works!