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A 2 days a week fasting Diet – and how I get on with it….

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Weight Update

Now I’m past the second anniversary of starting the diet it’s worth giving an update. I’m still dieting on Mondays and Wednesdays. Indeed today was a diet day and I had a tin of sardines with a salad of lettuce, tomatoes (home grown), radish, celery, sweet pepper and cucumber with a ‘light’ dressing plus some Branston pickle. Followed up with a navel orange.

So my most recent weigh-in (Tuesday morning after a 6m run) showed me at 10st 10lbs – and I’ve been below 11st now for around a month. This may partly because my running schedule has been pretty heavy in preparation for a marathon (full) coming up.

I’m still going to the gym two mornings a week if possible, though sometimes only once, as with this week, as a result of other demands.

I’m still feeling good, indeed my training times are now as good as they have been for many years so it all seems to be working.

So anyone out there thinking about it or just on the diet and wondering – it works! Once you are used to it it just becomes a perfectly normal part of life….

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Cholesterol News

Got my latest blood test results at the doctors today and it looks good – even my doctor said so!

Total level is 6, but the triglyceride level is v low around 1, and the ratio of ‘good to bad’ cholesterol greater than 3, which is better than it has ever been for me – so it’s looks as though the diet is working as it should. Blood pressure was good as well.

My weight is still oscillating around 11st usually plus or minus 2lbs, so seems ok. I’m still going to the gym 2 mornings as well as running around 20 miles a week (divided into a 6 and a 14 mile) – a half-marathon coming up in July and a full in October at least, so it won’t be long before the running distances will need to go up!

Meanwhile, I’m mainly eating salads, with either fish or chicken – it’s a good time of the year (if you like salad) as the weather generally suits salads….

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100th Post

Yes it’s reached the 100 posts mark and I’m going to change my blogging routine after this. Instead of posting every week I’ll just be posting every so often when I think there is something useful to say.

Week 18th – 24th May 2014


My wife had bought some sea bass fillets at the weekend so that formed the basis of the main meal, with some ginger and vegetables (carrot, cauliflower, courgette) steamed in foil, It was accompanied by a salad salsa containing cucumber, tomato, pepper and lettuce.

Not bad, but I preferred fish like haddock with firmer flesh.


To follow up an apple, just for a change.

Calories – as with several previous days, rather difficult to estimate so lets say 500 cals


I found a really old tin of salmon in the store cupboard and I mean really old, over 10 years if the printing was to be believed – once opened it seemed ok, texture rather woolly and it had lost most of the salmon colour. However, it tasted ok, but rather bland. Anyway, to accompany, I had salad based on home grown salad leaves, and shop bought tomato, cucumber, red pepper with some dressing and pickles.

To follow – back to the usual orange

Calories – again, just a guess but probably around 450 cals


A half-marathon on the Sunday (1h 55m) didn’t lead to a noticeable weight loss, still 11st 1lb, but down to 11st almost exactly on the Thursday.


As I said earlier I won’t update the blog on a weekly basis from now on, particularly as the cooking hasn’t been too interesting recently and my lifestyle is pretty set now with a routine and little or no worries or deviations. All I can say is that I can recommend the routine to anyone who wants to retained a steady weight and be able to eat well on their non-fast days.

My next report may well be when I get the next set of blood test results, sometime in the next month I would guess. Until then to all you other 5:2 dieters – keep it going it really works!

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Leftovers and Fish

Week 4th – 11th May


I’d cooked a ‘Thai Beef & Lemon’ curry over the weekend  and there was plenty left over. Basically it was based on Thai green curry paste with red pepper and beef with lemon juice and it seemed pretty good second time round. To go with it I mad a sort of vegetable curry again based on Thai green curry mix.

To follow up I had an orange – of course.

Calories – another difficult one to calculate as the recipe had not guidelines. So to be conservative I’d estimate 500 cals for the whole day.


Back to fish – some cod fillets steamed with veg in foil as I’ve had before.

Followed by….. guess

Calories – a bit lighter than Monday I think so I’d guess 450 cals


Pretty steady at 11st 2lbs, even after a half-marathon on Sunday.


Future – Next week will be my last weekly posting as it’s getting rather boring and repetitive and I’m not really saying anything new. My weight is steady and the ‘diet’ has become my lifestyle now – I’ll post when there is something new or I cook something interesting.

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Sea Bass Plus

Week 27th April – 3rd May 2014


Sea Bass fillets were available in the fridge thanks to a purchase last week so one again my wife prepared a dish based on steaming the fish in foil with some veg. This was accompanied by a salad salsa of tomato, cucumber, lettuce, red pepper and onion made with garlic piri-piri sauce, kikkoman soy.

Followed of course by a navel orange.

Calories – The fish came in at around 200 cals, with the veg, teas and orange the total can’t have been more than 400 cals.



As we had left over lamb sort of casserole with a suet crust topping, I had the lamb part of that (No suet crust!) with a couple of new potatoes and some steamed carrot and broccoli.

And an Orange – natch.

However, as I didn’t feel so good at lunchtime I did have a few spoonsful of ‘fat free’ yoghurt and a clementine. Very unusual for me, but as it turned out a couple of days later, I had a cold coming on.

Calories – well I’ve no idea really how to calculate the total, so best be conservative and say around 500 cals.


Weight-wise, still pretty constant, Thursday 10st 11lbs, Sunday (4th) 11st 2lb.


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Not Quite On Diet

Week 20 to 26th April 2014

I didn’t stay on the diet this week – Monday  being Easter Monday so all the family was at home and there was plenty of chocolate around (Easter Eggs etc.). On top of which, I’d run a hard half-marathon on the Sunday, so I felt a little relaxation was in order.


So I actually has some breakfast, although it was a bowl of fruit salad, so not actually lots of calories. Lunch was potato & leek soup, and I avoided the accompanying bread, almost  – just one bit, followed with yoghurt. In the evening I had cod fillet with a mix of veg baked in foil in the oven – much like a previous fast day meal. I just had an apple after that.

I did have the usual coffees with sugar during the day, and some chocolate in the evening as well.


Back to the diet proper on this day. As usual no food until evening. Then, once again failing to be organised enough to do anything else, I had a tin of mackerel fillets (‘with cracked black pepper’), giving 226 cals according to the tin. This was accompanied by a salad salsa put together by my wife, made up of tomato, cucumber, red onion, red pepper, carrot and lettuce with a sauce of fish oil, chilli sauce and some soy sauce. I added some pickles and lettuce by itself.

Followed up with a large navel orange….

Calories – well no more than 450 I would guess for the day.


Well ‘falling of the diet wagon’ didn’t seem to change things much, after my 6m run on Thursday morning I was 10st 13lbs (and the previous Sunday, after the half-marathon I was 11st 1lbs – but I had eaten a bit and drunk a lot to rehydrate). Today (Sunday) I was 10st 12lbs, after an 11m run.

So far so goo. Next month I should be having a set of blood tests so we’ll see where the cholesterol levels are then.

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Pilchards & Salmon

Week 13 – 19 April 2014

No not together of course – just the way the weeks menu worked out really.


We were a bit short of anything special for the meal but the store cupboard produce a tine of pilchards of long vintage for me. We have a store cupboard and freezer stacked with enough food to withstand at least a two week siege, thanks I think to my grandmas influence who, quite reasonably, took that approach during the war but passed on the attitude to me. We had plenty of salad items in stock so that was the meal sorted. The pilchards were quoted as 115 cals, and I had red onion, tomato, celery, spring onion and cucumber salsa plus some lettuce as the main meal.

Followed with a navel orange (of course!)

Pretty low calorie day really, the main meal probably only just over 300, so lets say 350 to be safe.


Slightly more organised, there was a pack of salmon ‘steaks’ in the fridge but being somewhat a creature of habit, and because it has worked so well previously, my wife cooked the fish with vegetable in foil in a steamer as we have had before. The veg included carrot, peas, courgette, sweet pepper, swede & broccoli with some balsamic vinegar over the fish before cooking as a marinade. In addition we finished off the salsa left over from Monday.

Guess what- I had an orange after!

The fish (at least the portion I had) would have been about 130 cals, so with the veg etc. can’t have been much more than 200 cals

Total cals – around 300 I guess.

I might point out as a follow up that the Easter weekend up to now (Sat night) has been one of eating as we visited my sister. However, I should burn off a few pound tomorrow as I have a half-marathon race…


Last Sunday I came in at 10st 13lbs after my run, so still around the 11st mark.

Amazingly despite the improved weather I did still feel cold on Monday at times, otherwise still pretty much as normal. I do need the ‘tic-tacs’ though to help me through the fast days (I only normally get through about 6 in the day, so they don’t represent any serious calorie input.


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